Monday, 2 April 2007

Protocols and Strategies

In 'A Generative Inquiry Dialogue System', the assert and open functions seem to allow the agent to assert or open (respectively) anything as long as the conclusion of the assert/open move is in the current question store and the move has not been asserted already. It is only the strategy that sets down the (proper) rules for what can and cannot be asserted/opened, and then selects one of these move. Is this a good approach? Shouldn’t the protocol play a larger role (in actually defining what are the legal moves) and the strategy play lesser role (in only selecting one of these legal moves)?

The reason for the simplicity of the protocol and not including internal agent reasoning (as found in the strategy) is to allow external checking of conformance to the protocol: "Note that it is striaghtforward to check conformance with the protocol as the protocol only refers to public elements of the dialogue."

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