Thursday 31 July 2008

JADE, PrologBeans, CaSAPI

Almost done linking JADE (Java Agent DEvelopment Framework), PrologBeans (package for integrating Java and Prolog applications) and CaSAPI (Credulous and Sceptical Argumentation Prolog Implementation). Should be done by the end of the week, ready to put the three to collaborate use as of next week, God-willing :)

Tuesday 22 July 2008

PrologBeans - note to self 2

If I bind the atom "ag1" to the variable "Agent" using some Bindings instance ('b') and execute the query "has(Agent,Resource)" whilst providing 'b', then, as expected, if the query succeeds, a value is bound to the variable "Resource" in the returned QueryAnswer instance ('answer').

In addition, in 'answer', a value "ag1" is also bound to "Agent".

So, it seems 'answer' contains value bindings for output variables as well as input variables.

PrologBeans - note to self 1

In executing a query using a PrologSession instance, a QueryAnswer instance is returned.

If there was an error in execution, the QueryAnswer instance will return true for isError() but false for queryFailed().

Sunday 20 July 2008


I spent this week interfacing Prolog with JADE. Seems to be working roughly (i.e. starting up an agent, making a connection to a Prolog server, running a query and then shutting down the server). Need to test it thoroughly and make corrections early next week before proceeding.