Saturday 23 November 2013

Java/Android - Method for getting a url's domain name

Below is a method which extracts a url's domain name and which uses simple String matching. What it actually does is extract the bit between the first "://" (or index 0 if there's no "://" contained) and the first subsequent "/" (or index String.length() if there's no subsequent "/"). The remaining, preceding "www(_)*." bit is chopped off. I'm sure there'll be cases where this won't be good enough but it should be good enough in most cases!

I read on forums that the class could do this (and was preferred to the class) but I encountered problems with the URI class. Notably, URI.getHost() gives a null value if the url does not include the scheme, i.e. the "http(s)" bit.

* Extracts the domain name from {@code url}
* by means of String manipulation
* rather than using the {@link URI} or {@link URL} class.
* @param url is non-null.
* @return the domain name within {@code url}.
public String getUrlDomainName(String url) {
  String domainName = new String(url);

  int index = domainName.indexOf("://");

  if (index != -1) {
    // keep everything after the "://"
    domainName = domainName.substring(index + 3);

  index = domainName.indexOf('/');

  if (index != -1) {
    // keep everything before the '/'
    domainName = domainName.substring(0, index);

  // check for and remove a preceding 'www'
  // followed by any sequence of characters (non-greedy)
  // followed by a '.'
  // from the beginning of the string
  domainName = domainName.replaceFirst("^www.*?\\.", "");

  return domainName;