Tuesday 31 July 2007

28, An Argumentation-based Approach for Practical Reasoning

Notes from 'An Argumentation-based Approach for Practical Reasoning' (2006), by Iyad Rahwan and Leila Amgoud

"We build on recent work on argumentation frameworks for generating desires and plans..."

1, Introduction

2, Preliminaries

(Desire-Generation Rules; Planning Rules; Agent's bases; Potential Desire)

3, Argumentation Frameworks

3.1, Arguing over beliefs

(Belief Argument; Certainty level; Comparing arguments; Conflicts between Belief Arguments; Belief Argumentation framework; Defence; Acceptable Belief Argument)

3.2, Arguing over desires

(Explanatory Argument; The force of explanatory arguments; Comparing mixed arguments; Comparing explanatory arguments; Attack among Explanatory and Belief Arguments; Argumentation framework; Defence among Explanatory and Belief Arguments; Justified desire)

3.3, Arguing over plans

(Partial plan; Instrumental Argument, or Complete Plan; Strength of Instrumental Arguments; Conflict-free sets of instrumental arguments; Acceptable Set of Instrumental Arguments; Achievable desire; Utility of Set of Instrumental Arguments; Preferred Set; Intention set)

4, Related Works

5, Conclusions

Tuesday 17 July 2007

27, On the Benefits of Exploiting Hierarchical Goals in Bilateral Automated Negotiation

Notes from 'On the Benefits of Exploiting Hierarchical Goals in Bilateral Automated Negotiation' (2007), by Iyad Rahwan et al.

1, Introduction

2, Preliminaries

(Allocation, Utility functions, Payment, Deal, Utility of a Deal for an Agent, Rational Deals for an Agent, Individual Rational Deals)

3, Bargaining Protocol

(Dialogue History, Protocol-Reachable Deal)

4, Underlying Interests

(Partial Plan, Complete Plan, Individual Capability, Individually Achievable Plans, Utility of a Plan, Utility)

5, Mutual Interests

(Committed Goals, Achievable Plans)

6, Case Study: An IBN Protocol

7, Conclusion