Saturday 6 March 2010

IBM - the smarter city

Awesome resource for those into information, technology and governance. So exciting no? Or maybe it's just me :(

Split into six sections as follows: Transportation, Public Safety, Energy & Utilities, Education, Healthcare and Development. Would be an exercise to think how my PhD research could tie into some of these.

"Welcome to the smarter city. A collection of smart ideas happening in cities all over the world today..."

"The time to make our city smarter is now. But how do you keep traffic flowing, cure healthcare systems, protect citizens while protecting their privacy? How do you demonstrate one decision affecting millions of people? And involve them in making their city a better place to live?"

Wednesday 3 March 2010

Signalling and Signalling Games

Just did a bit of reading on the class of Game Theory games termed 'Signalling Games' and the Economics and Evolutionary Biology theories of 'Signalling'.

Tuesday 2 March 2010

68-69, Coloured Trails (CT) game

Looked through a couple of papers describing and running experiments using the Coloured Trails (CT) game for multi-agent resource negotiation:

68, The Influence of Social Dependencies on Decision-Making: Initial Investigations with a New Game, by Barbara J. Grosz, Sarit Kraus & Shavit Talman, 2004.

69, The Effects of Goal Revelation on Computer-Mediated Negotiation, by Ya'akov Gal et al, 2009.

Implementation referenced in [69] can be found here: