Wednesday 23 November 2011

HTC Wildfire S mobile network not working fix

Got my new phone (a HTC Wildfire S) a couple of weeks ago and whilst the WiFi internet was working fine, I was having problems connecting to the non-WiFi mobile (2G/3G) network. The fix took a bit of time to find so thought I'd share...

Go to 'Settings', then 'Wireless & networks', then tick the 'Mobile network' option, then click into the 'Mobile networks' options screen. From here, select your desired 'Network Mode' (I chose 'GSM / WCDMA auto'), go into the 'Network operators' screen and select your preferred network (I chose the 'Select automatically' option which found my network provider [Virgin]), and lastly... our antagonist... click into the 'Access Point Names' (APNs) screen...

If you find an Access Point Name here (in the APNs screen) corresponding to your network provider, select it. Otherwise, click the menu button, select the 'New APN' option, enter details of your access point (for me simply entering Name as Virgin and APN as did the trick), save it and then select it in the APNs screen. If that doesn't work for you, try doing an online search for "android access point name" to see what the access point settings should be for your mobile network provider.

Monday 7 November 2011

Android: emulating different screens

Putting this up for possible future personal reference. Here's three different emulator settings to test three different screen size/density combinations, as follows:

Low density: 120dpi; Skin: QVGA (320px*240px).
Medium density: 160dpi; Skin: HVGA (480px*320px).
High density: 240dpi; Skin: WGVA800 (800px*480px).

Note to self: the 'Q', 'H' and 'W' in QVGA etc stand for "Quarter", "Half-size" and "Wide" respectively, and VGA stands for "Video Graphics Array".