Tuesday, 31 July 2007

28, An Argumentation-based Approach for Practical Reasoning

Notes from 'An Argumentation-based Approach for Practical Reasoning' (2006), by Iyad Rahwan and Leila Amgoud

"We build on recent work on argumentation frameworks for generating desires and plans..."

1, Introduction

2, Preliminaries

(Desire-Generation Rules; Planning Rules; Agent's bases; Potential Desire)

3, Argumentation Frameworks

3.1, Arguing over beliefs

(Belief Argument; Certainty level; Comparing arguments; Conflicts between Belief Arguments; Belief Argumentation framework; Defence; Acceptable Belief Argument)

3.2, Arguing over desires

(Explanatory Argument; The force of explanatory arguments; Comparing mixed arguments; Comparing explanatory arguments; Attack among Explanatory and Belief Arguments; Argumentation framework; Defence among Explanatory and Belief Arguments; Justified desire)

3.3, Arguing over plans

(Partial plan; Instrumental Argument, or Complete Plan; Strength of Instrumental Arguments; Conflict-free sets of instrumental arguments; Acceptable Set of Instrumental Arguments; Achievable desire; Utility of Set of Instrumental Arguments; Preferred Set; Intention set)

4, Related Works

5, Conclusions

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