Monday 2 April 2007

Commitment stores

In the 'A Generative Inquiry Dialogue System' paper, a commitment store is associated with each agent in terms of what the agent has said during the course of the dialogue. Instead of this, or as well as this, it may be worth associating a commitment store with each agent that stores what the other agents have said to it (and when), and whereby the stored commitments are kept in record beyond the particular dialogue that they were asserted in (i.e. until retracted).

Also, in the 'A Generative Inquiry Dialogue System' approach, as a commitment store consists of things that an agent has already publicly declared during the course of a dialogue, its contents are visible to the other agent participating in the dialogue. Certain questions arise in such an approach:
- What about agents not participating in the dialogue, do they have access to the commitment stores of the participatory agents?
- Do the commitments exists outside the dialogue that they were asserted in?
- Does each agent have a separate commitment store for each dialogue that it participates in?

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