Thursday, 16 September 2010

Insight Onsite application

Posting here my response to the question "How do you believe that participation in the Insight Onsite project will further your career planning?" which I forgot to Blog when I sent it off last February prior to my internship at Tessella:
I intend to pursue a career in industry following my PhD which is due to be completed mid-2010. My area of interest is information technology and software development in particular, and I would hope to find myself in a company where I can utilise both the practical and analytical skills acquired during my undergraduate and doctorate degrees. The Insight Onsite placement would be an ideal way to find out more about my options whilst awaiting my final examination. The placement at Tessella specifically offers exposure to a wide range of projects and careers in my area of interest. It would be extremely useful to get a taster for some of the different software engineering and consultancy services Tessella provides, as well as the knowledge and skills I would need and develop working for such a company. In addition, I look forward to meeting and speaking with employees in different positions and roles, and thereby gaining an invaluable insight into work life and the work environment. I would appreciate immensely this opportunity to experience first hand the range of careers I could expect to opt for when applying for a job.
Writing (starting) my first covering letter today!

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