Friday, 18 September 2009

61, A framework for argumentation-based negotiation

Old paper ('A framework for argumentation-based negotiation', 1998, Carles Sierra et al) but some really good ideas for using negotiation (offer, request, accept, reject and withdraw acts) with persuasion (appeal, threaten and reward acts). However, like most other papers, not fully worked out / generative.

To its advantage, the framework is for multi- (i.e. more than two) agent settings: "Deals are always between two agents, though an agent may be engaged simultaneously in negotiation with many agents for a given deal."

The 'attacks' relationship between "argument pairs" (i.e. argument Arg supporting a formula p) is assumed to be a primitive notion, though however argument pairs are not assumed to be primitive notions. Defining such an 'attacks' relationship could get messy!

An authority relation (between agent roles) is used as the mechanism for comparing arguments, i.e. who puts forward an argument is as important (maybe more so) than what is said. Potentially this doesn't quite make sense in an argument evaluation sense - depends what is meant by "argument". See last paragraph of Section 4.1.1 of 'Argumentation-Based Negotiation' (1998).

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