Tuesday 26 June 2007

26.3, Argument-based Negotiation among BDI Agents

Notes taken from 'Argument-based Negotiation among BDI Agents' (2002), by Sonia V. Rueda, Alejandro J. Garcia, Guillermo R. Simari

3, Planning and Argumentation

Argumentative BDI Agent: The agents desires D will be represented by a set of literals that will also be called goals. A subset of D will represent a set of committed goals and will be referred to as the agent intentions... The agent's beliefs will be represented by a restricted Defeasible Logic Program... Besides its beliefs, desires and intentions, an agent will have a set of actions that it may use to change its world.

Action: An action A is an ordered triple (P, X, C), where P is a set of literals representing preconditions for A, X is a consistent set of literals representing consequences of executing A, and C is a set of constraints of the form not L, where L is a literal.

Applicable Action...

Action Effect...

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