Thursday, 21 June 2007

24.5-11, An Introduction to Multiagent Systems

Notes taken from 'An Introduction to Multiagent Systems' (2002), by Michael Wooldridge

5, Reactive and Hybrid Agents

6, Multiagent Interactions

(Utilities and Preferences, Multiagent Encounters, Dominant Strategies and Nash Equilibria, Competitive and Zero-Sum Interactions, The Prisoner's Dilemma, Other Symmetric 2*2 Interactions, Dependence Relations in Multiagent Systems)

7, Reaching Agreements

(Mechanism Design, Auctions, Negotiation, Argumentation)

8, Communication

(Speech Acts, Agent Communication Languages, Ontologies for Agent Communication, Coordination Languages)

9, Working Together

(Cooperative Distributed Problem Solving, Task Sharing and Result Sharing, Result Sharing, Combining Task and Result Sharing, Handling Inconsistency, Coordination, Multiagent Planning and Synchronization)

10, Methodologies

(When is an Agent-Based Solution Appropriate?, Agent-Oriented Analysis and Design Techniques, Pitfalls of Agent Development, Mobile Agents)

11, Applications

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