Tuesday, 15 May 2007

21, Commitment in Dialogue

Notes taken from 'Commitment in Dialogue: Basic Concepts of Interpersonal Reasoning' (1995), by Douglas N. Walton and Erik C. W. Krabbe

0, Introduction

1, The Anatomy of Commitment

(Action Commitment, Propositional Commitment)

2, The Dynamics of Commitment

(Incurring of commitment, Loss of commitment, Relations between commitments, Clashing commitments and inconsistency)

3, Dialogues: Types, Goals, and Shifts

(Types and goals of dialogue, Complex dialogue, Dialectical shifts, Illicit shifts and fallacies)

4, Systems of Dialogue Rules

(Tightening up and dark-side commitment, permissive persuasion dialogue, Rigorous persuasion dialogue, Complex persuasion dialogue)

5, Conclusions and Prospects

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