Friday, 7 December 2012

Talk summary: So you have an app idea?, by Dave Addey

Here's a summary of a good talk I listened to last week by Dave Addey entitled "So you have an app idea?". It's the first talk I've heard in a long time which was worthy of note-taking. You'll find in the list below some points the speaker mentions for determining the potential of an app idea.
  1. Universal appeal: Is it niche, i.e. relevant only to a particular interest group and therefore not going to make much money?
  2. International appeal: Is it as relevant in China as it is in the UK?
  3. Lasting appeal: Will it still be relevant a year(+) from now for users to install and use?
  4. Ongoing use: Is it a use once or twice and throw away app or will it be used over a lengthy, potentially indefinite time-frame?
  5. Personal interest: Does it scratch my own itch? Do I want or need this myself?
  6. The hook: Is it something that has not been done before? Does it give people a reason to write about it, to be excited about it, and to show it off to their friends?
  7. Dead time principle: Can it be dived into and out of for short spells, i.e. whenever the user has a moment free to use it?
A video recording of the talk used to be up on Be Square here but it looks like that's been taken down since. Good news though: I managed to find an audio recording of the talk on Sound Cloud here.

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