Monday 19 November 2012

Android Debug Bridge: detect Google Nexus 7 tablet

Spent an awful, awful, awful amount of time this morning trying to hook up a Google Nexus 7 tablet to Android Debug Bridge on my computer.

These are the steps I took which you'd think would suffice:
  • Go to Settings in the tablet,
  • Make Developer Options visible by clicking About Tablet seven times,
  • Enable USB Debugging in Developer Options,
  • Select the app to debug in the Select Debug App option of Developer Options,
  • Install the driver onto my computer as per the instructions here: Using Hardware Devices. I tried the driver in the [Android SDK]\extras\google folder of my computer as well as the one available for download from ASUS.
However, on plugging my tablet into the USB port of my computer and entering the command adb devices in the command prompt, the device was still not listed, i.e. not detected by Android Debug Bridge.

After much wild guessing and frantic searching on Stack Overflow, I finally found the solution, as follows:
  • Go to Settings,
  • then Storage,
  • then USB Computer Connection,
  • then select Camera (PTP) instead of Media Device (MTP).
That should do it!

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