Saturday 17 December 2011

Testing your Map and Location-aware app on the Android emulator

First of all, start up an emulator and get your app running on the emulator (from within Eclipse or however you do it). Sometimes the Android Debug Bridge (or maybe it's the Android Virtual Device manager that) gets its pants in a twist and it can't find the emulator you've started up. In this case you should run the following sequence of commands from the command prompt: 'adb kill-server'; 'adb start-server'; 'adb devices'; and then 'adb devices' again to be doubly sure you can see your emulator in the list of devices!

Next, with your app running on the emulator, start up the Dalvik Debug Monitor (by double-clicking the 'ddms' Windows batch file in the android-sdk 'tools' folder) and select your emulator (from the list of running emulators) as the one to feed data into. Select the 'Emulator Control' tab (still within the Dalvik Debug Monitor), scroll down to 'Location Controls', and with the 'Decimal' radio button selected (rather than the 'Sexagesimal' radio button), enter the Latitude and Longitude values to feed to your app (running on the emulator).

For London: enter Latitude as 51.5 and Longitude as -0.13.
For Belfast: enter Latitude as 54.6 and Longitude as -5.93.
And so on and so forth for various Latitude (north/south) and Longitude (east/west) values which you can find on websites like

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