Tuesday, 4 December 2007

38, Agent Technology for e-Commerce

Contents of 'Agent Technology for e-Commerce' (2007), Maria Fasli

1, Introduction

(A paradigm shift; Electronic commerce; Agents and e-commerce)

2, Software Agents

(Characteristics; Agents as intentional systems; Making decisions; Planning; Learning; Architectures)

3, Multi-agent Systems

(Interaction; Agent communication; Ontologies; Cooperative problem-solving)

4, Shopping Agents

5, Middle Agents

6, Recommender Systems

7, Elements of Strategic Interaction

(Economics; Game Theory)

8, Negotiation I

(Protocols; Auctions)

9, Negotiation II

(Bargaining; Coalitions; Social choice problems; Argumentation)

10, Mechanism Design

11, Mobile Agents

12, Trust, Security and Legal Issues

(Trust; Electronic institutions; Reputation systems; Security; Cryptography)

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