Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Illocutions for Persuasive Negotiation (2)

The dialogue primitives (performatives) described in 'Logic agents, dialogues and negotiation: an abductive approach' (2001) are of the form tell(a,b,Move,t) where a and b are the sending and the receiving agents, respectively, t represents the time when the primitive is uttered, and Move is a dialogue move, recursively defined as follows:

- request(give(R)) is a dialogue move, used to request a resource R;

- promise(give(R),give(R')) is a dialogue move, used to propose and to commit to exchange deals, of resource R' in exchange for resource R;

- if Move is a dialogue move, so are
--- accept(Move), refuse(Move) (used to accept/refuse a previous dialogue Move)
--- challenge(Move) (used to ask a justification for a previous Move)
--- justfiy(Move) (used to justify a past Move, by means of a Support)

There are no other dialogue moves, except the ones given above.

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